DC Events that Highlight or Support the African American Community

Disclaimer: This calendar is a hand-selected collection of local events that highlight African American history, culture and life in the District of Columbia. This calendar is purely a subjective list of events that I find interesting, plan to attend or hope my readers will consider supporting. I also feature four to six of these events in my biweekly newsletter, which is sent to community members on every other Monday. Please note, I don't endorse the groups or individuals who hold these events and cannot vouch for the quality of the programs presented.

Submissions: I occasionally receive requests to add events to the calendar or to my biweekly email. I am rarely able to honor these requests due to time and space limitations, or due to personal preferences concerning content. While I appreciate and am humbled by these requests, I find it best to decline outside submissions to the calendar and email at this time. Thanks for understanding.