My name is Crystal and I'm a freelance writer living in Washington, DC. I moved here to attend grad school in 2010, and decided after graduation that I could not bear to leave. There are a million stories to be told here in Washington about how race, culture, politics, history, the arts and many other elements of life intersect-- stories that are overlooked by other hyperlocal bloggers. I launched this website to bring a different perspective to the DC blogosphere and (hopefully) to start a few important conversations.

People in this town seem enamored by folks' credentials, so I'll share a few of mine. I have a bachelor's degree in business, as well as two masters degrees: one in theology/inter-religious peacemaking and the other from an interdisciplinary humanities program. I'd like to apply to Ph.D. programs in religion or philosophy, but can't sacrifice the time or money at this stage in my life. My "real job" is in the nonprofit sector; I worked in operations for several years but now dabble in development.

I'm not new to writing; I wrote a blog about religion for several years and had a pretty large following, but stopped because I wanted to branch out into other topic areas. I'm also a blogger for the Huffington Post -- a fun endeavor that I abandoned when my life became busy, but I'm eager to restart. My dream is to write full-time. I've taken the plunge more than once in the past, and won't rule out trying it again. (By the way, if you're reading this blog and seeking a paid columnist with a unique angle, please consider me.)

This website chronicles my life as a writer, woman of color and Washingtonian -- three identities that make DC an exciting, but complicated, place to live. Thank you for reading my work.